Naccio Department of Computer Science
University of Virginia

Update History

3 November 1999

David Evans' PhD thesis is now available.

27 October 1999

Moved site to

20 August 1999

Updated resource, policy and pfi libraries.
8 June 1999
Andrew Twyman's thesis is now available.
18 May 1999
Added slides from IEEE Security and Privacy talk. Added Statue of Liberty poem.
8 May 1999
Dave has found a job!
28 April 1999
Moved server to new Pentium III machine. This web server is now running on a Dell Pentium III 500 MHz machine donated by Intel Corporation. The server is Apache 1.3.6 running on Red Hat Linux 5.2.
26 April 1999
Policy library and policy compiler updated. Fixed challenge cgi scripts and offered new challenge prize. Added slides from Andrew Tywman, Flexible Code Safety for Win32, 26 April 1999.
16 April 1999
Policy library updated.
21 January 1999
New server launched. Pages moved from server and updated.
29 May 1998
Thesis proposal accepted and original web pages created.

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